Monday, May 7, 2012

Howling at the moon

In the desert before sunset

Saturday night was a full moon and, according to those who know about these things (not me), an especially special one because it was closer to the Earth than normal. Also, in numerology, it was a symbol of transformation because it was 5-5-5 (because 2012 adds up to 5). I don't put much weight in those things, but I like the idea of transformation and one couldn't help but be astounded at how beautiful the moon was. I was lucky enough to see it rise from behind the Superstition Mountains as it was glowing from behind and then slowly rose up and up and lit up the desert. I was also extremely lucky to be in a group of women, including my mom, around a bonfire in a drumming circle. I had never been to a drumming circle and it was so peaceful. We would set an intention and then just start drumming. It was so cool how everyone would fall into a rhythm and it would change over time, then for some reason get faster and faster until we all stopped. Then we would laugh and set another intention. Lorelai, I can't wait until I can take you with me to things like this. 

The moon peaking out from behind the mountain

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